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Alone Again, Bukowski

You know it’s a bad sign when you’re dating someone and they read you this poem early on in your relationship.

I think of each of
living somewhere else
sitting somewhere else
standing somewhere else
sleeping somewhere else
or maybe feeding a
reading a
newspaper or screaming
at their
new man…

but thankfully
my female past
(for me)
has concluded

yet most others seem to
believe that a
new relationship will certainly

that the last one
was simply the
error of
choosing a bad

bad taste
bad luck
bad fate.

and then there are some who
believe that old
relationships can be
revived and made new

but please
if you feel that way

don’t phone
don’t write
don’t arrive
and meanwhile,
don’t feel bruised because this
poem will last much
longer than we

it deserves to:
you see
its strength is
that it seeks
mate at

— Alone Again, Charles Bukowski

You’re always haunted by the idea you’re wasting your life.

—Chuck Palahniuk (via polvocosmico)

(Source: imeriklehnsherr, via swim-class)


I haven’t written poems in a long time. Mostly because my time has been consumed by other tasks. Tonight, I took a moment to peek through the things I’ve written. I’ll share one. This is a poem written as a birthday present for a friend a few years ago.

duty beckoned me into

     ritual and i—swept

by the tides of task—found myself

   in a ravine where ritual

        sank to the valley floor and disappeared.




                  to believe in different forms

              of life

requires a willingness to suspend

            the belief in one’s own.




                          by any

                   other name, that

                     which we

                       call a rose

would smell as nice.


       the beauty of appearances resides somewhere

             between their truth and their deception.

at face value, we are all apparations of

        a collective memory.

How to Shop Vintage

I wrote an article for Refinery29 (which posted today) about vintage shopping. It was fun because I had the opportunity to interview a few of my favorite local vintage vendors (Shanti Clark/Very Best Vintage, Sasha Hodges/Kokorokoko, Katherine Raz/The Vintage Bazaar) and I learned that even though we’re all in the same business, we have very different thoughts and processes when it comes to vintage shopping. I love the insights here!

Dovetail is on a Mission

Please vote for Dovetail to win a grant from Chase and Living Social to support our mission to promote economically and environmentally sustainable consumerism in Chicago. Our plan includes expanding Dovetail to feature more local designers on an ongoing basis and starting a business development program for budding entrepreneurs. We would appreciate your vote, as we need 250 votes to qualify. Please share this email with friends and family!

You can vote at: http://missionsmallbusiness.com. The process takes less than one minute. Our friends at Swim Cafe are also in the running. Please vote for them as well! You can vote for multiple businesses to win the 12 available grants.

Below are voting instructions and screenshots to help!

  1. Follow the link and click on the bottom right box that says “login and support” (via Facebook).
  2. Once you’ve logged in, scroll down to “vote local” and search for Dovetail, then click on “vote.”

I really do appreciate your time and support!

Living the Dream

I love this 86-year-old man who bought  himself an island, populated it with trees and Galapagos turtles, and lives there alone. I find myself feeling very envious of his lifestyle! My personal island would probably have more cats and dogs than turtles. But I suppose a few giant turtles would be nice.

Is There Anything Cuter Than British Children Dressed Like Hipsters, Discussing Radiohead?

My 30th/Golden Birthday Celebration

I celebrated my birthday on Saturday night at The Pump Room! I don’t really have great photos to share because everyone was too busy having fun. But I do have some great memories. The Pump Room is beautiful. Many thanks to the lovely Kelly Kane for suggesting that I celebrate there AND serving as our amazing cocktail waitress throughout the night. And of course, thanks to each and every one of my beautiful friends for taking time out of your hectic lives to travel downtown and celebrate with me. I had such an amazing time. I am really big on birthdays—I mean, when else can you find yourself among ALL of your favorite people at the same time?

Monday was my actual birthday and Pablo, Marisol, and I went to Lula for dinner. Lula is my most favorite restaurant in the city for a multitude of reasons. The food is consistently delicious, the staff is smart and friendly, and when it’s your birthday, a pretty little birdie named Anne may or may not tell your waitress that it’s your birthday, and your waitress may or may not bring you and your friends free champagne and put a candle on your dessert. <3

April Roundup

I’ve come to realize that it impossible to have a month of fun, work a full-time job, own a business, freelance, AND BLOG ABOUT IT. So here is a little roundup of what I did in April to celebrate my birthday.

We celebrated Annie’s 30th with a lovely brunch at Green Zebra.

I visited Gail, my intuitive guide.

I went to New York for Naveed’s birthday.

Who always keeps it classy.

And played this song on repeat the entire week.

And caught up with some very lovely and much-missed friends.

And made a new friend.

Who introduced me to the magical world of acupressure massage. Ouch!

And we hung out in crowded places.

Where we saw some art.

And got lost in a wonderland.

Jen took me to a bar that distills its own gin, which happens to be pink.

And spent an evening at my favorite Chinese karaoke bar, the Upstairs Lounge, where the owner made me and Naveed lychee royale cocktails a la Rodan.

And I rode in the back of a truck through Brooklyn.

And walked through Chinatown daily.

And liked the wisdom offered by my teabag.

And learned that even in NYC, sometimes, all anyone wants to do is watch tv on a computer.

And I saw Pretty in Pink on the big screen at Nighthawk Cinema! Jake Ryan! Hubba Hubba.

Where the lovely Jen Marshall made me the best bloody mary on the planet. Oh how I missed it.

and we hung out on Naveed’s rooftop.

And Stefania and I opted out of nightlife and instead stayed in, took photos, and played DOOORS.

And we beat Dooors!

I dined with friends.

I bought myself some presents.

Like this rose, white, and yellow gold pencil necklace.

And this vintage cat embroidery.

And these Fluevogs.

And I wore some good outfits at Dovetail. Exiting my 20s in style!

And went to Seek’s 2-year anniversary party, where Audra, Kelly, and I got BUFFED by Chef Josh.

And I modeled floral pants on Windy City Live for Refinery29.

And I met some very lovely, interesting, and smart co-models.

And while I was downtown, I decided to play tourist.

We threw a party and trunk show at Dovetail for the lovely Ashley Scott’s jewelry line, Drapes.

And I designed new windows for the month. The theme: Spring Break 2012 Suitcase Explosion!

And I went to La Condessa and drank Pina Coladas.

and watched my friends sing Mexican karaoke.

And Bladon gave us a sneak preview of his gorgeous new studio space.

And Kitty learned how to break into the cabinet and have himself a little snack.

8 Things I Learned When I Was 29

My year between 29 and 30 has been one of incredible learning experiences. I feel like I’ve grown more in the past year than I had in previous years. I honestly feel like a totally different person than I did last year. I’m not saying that I’ve become a completely different person, but I feel like I understand things better. I feel more grounded and balanced, despite the fact that my life has gotten a lot crazier work-wise. Here’s a little list of 8 lessons I learned in the past year. The fact that each of these headers could be the title of a self-help book is not lost on me!

1. Speaking My Truth: Melanie, my intuitive guide, told me this during our first meeting in April 2011. And I’ve tried to do this ever since. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Speaking your truth means that you’re always honest; it means that you’re not sugar-coating the truth or agreeing with people just to avoid confrontation. In fact, it invites confrontation—the healthy kind. Speaking my truth over the past year has helped me show people who I really am but, interestingly, it’s helped me better see who other people really are based on their reactions to MY TRUTH.

2. Purge, Purge, Purge: In every sense of the word. I evaluate what’s in my life: whether it be an object or a person and I ask myself “Is this adding value to my life or just taking up space?” If it’s the latter, I then remove it from my life. This is super hard! Especially with people! We all have those people in our lives who we try to avoid…but (I know I’m not the only one) I still feel bad about not wanting to hang out with them. I still have a tiny bit of guilt but not as much as I did last year. I’ve gotten pretty good at not people-pleasing and not keeping things around the house for the sake of it.

3. I Have Limits: I have been known to take on any project that comes my way. This year, I learned how to say no to jobs. I even (kindly) denied resumes services to a potential client whom I sensed would be a total pain and I am very proud of myself for doing so. The old me would’ve taken her on and hated every minute of my life until she was out of it!

4. Saying Au Revoir: I learned how to let people come in and out of my life without taking offense or getting upset about it.

5.  What Makes a Good Friend: This is perhaps the greatest thing that I’ve learned in the past 12 months. I seriously get emotional when I think about it! I’m not going to bother expressing what that means to me, because we all have our ideas about friends. But all I can say is that it’s been a tough year for me and my friends have been so, so, so wonderful, supportive, encouraging, and FUN and I can’t thank them enough. I seriously have the best friends in the world.

6. Dancing Can Happen When You’re Completely Sober: Did you ever think that would happen?! Either I’ve lost all shame or I’ve just gotten really good at dancing but I can dance all night without having had one drink in me. Of course, drinks still help but sometimes, a girl doesn’t feel like having an alcohol but she still wants to have fun. Know what I mean?

7. It’s OK Not to Do Dishes for a Week! Well, at least I keep telling myself that it’s ok.

8. Traveling is the Best Medicine: THIS IS THE TRUTH. Get the hell out of town and feel better about everything and BONUS, return with a new, fresh perspective. When I’m home too long, I just feel overwhelmed and confused. I feel like everything makes total sense when I’m on vacation. Is once per month too much?

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