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Bucket Lists at the Precipice of 30

Marisol sent me this wonderful article about 15 things that every woman should have and know by the time she’s 30. I’m happy to say that I have/know most of those things, except for a few here and there that I’m still working on. Like owning a good umbrella.

When I turned 25, I thought about creating a bucket list and putting it in an envelope and opening it on my 30th birthday to see if I’d accomplished any of it. Or if my ambitions were even the same. But I never did get around to writing that list. And I’m glad I didn’t. I think I would’ve gotten sentimental and weepy for the naive and optimistic person I was when I was 25. I had such strong ideas about my life and the way things should be and *would* be.

I definitely didn’t think I’d still be working my corporate day job but this recession makes it impossible to rely on Dovetail full-time. I guess I didn’t think I’d be single at 30. I remember telling my mom that I didn’t want to get married until I was 30 and I thought it sounded SOOO old and I knew that I was shocking her with that fact. But now that I’m here, it doesn’t feel so old! And being single has treated me better than being attached so no complaints here at the moment.

I wanted to own my own business by the time I was 30, and I did it when I was 25. I don’t know what else to wish for right now. Dovetail keeps me so busy that my current bucket list is a day-to-day one: try to do laundry, try to wash dishes, try to hang clothes in the closet and not throw them on the floor, try to buy cat food before it runs out, try to buy groceries before they run out, try to remember to floss. I can barely keep up with my daily life, I hardly have room for long-term goals at the moment! But I’m challenging myself to create some long-term goals. I think the fear of not accomplishing them has kept me from making them. It’s just really hard to let go of a dream and much easier not to risk dreaming one up that may not materialize. 

So I think I’ll pass on making a bucket list for 35. Ok, I’ll put a few things on it:

1. Remove wisdom teeth

2. Fix my bike

3. Hang my 6’ x 4’ Christian Dior print.

I think that’s all for now. I’ll leave you with song (when I was 14, hearing Blur sing about getting closer to 30 also made 30 sounds so old). I guess I’m old now.