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April Roundup

I’ve come to realize that it impossible to have a month of fun, work a full-time job, own a business, freelance, AND BLOG ABOUT IT. So here is a little roundup of what I did in April to celebrate my birthday.

We celebrated Annie’s 30th with a lovely brunch at Green Zebra.

I visited Gail, my intuitive guide.

I went to New York for Naveed’s birthday.

Who always keeps it classy.

And played this song on repeat the entire week.

And caught up with some very lovely and much-missed friends.

And made a new friend.

Who introduced me to the magical world of acupressure massage. Ouch!

And we hung out in crowded places.

Where we saw some art.

And got lost in a wonderland.

Jen took me to a bar that distills its own gin, which happens to be pink.

And spent an evening at my favorite Chinese karaoke bar, the Upstairs Lounge, where the owner made me and Naveed lychee royale cocktails a la Rodan.

And I rode in the back of a truck through Brooklyn.

And walked through Chinatown daily.

And liked the wisdom offered by my teabag.

And learned that even in NYC, sometimes, all anyone wants to do is watch tv on a computer.

And I saw Pretty in Pink on the big screen at Nighthawk Cinema! Jake Ryan! Hubba Hubba.

Where the lovely Jen Marshall made me the best bloody mary on the planet. Oh how I missed it.

and we hung out on Naveed’s rooftop.

And Stefania and I opted out of nightlife and instead stayed in, took photos, and played DOOORS.

And we beat Dooors!

I dined with friends.

I bought myself some presents.

Like this rose, white, and yellow gold pencil necklace.

And this vintage cat embroidery.

And these Fluevogs.

And I wore some good outfits at Dovetail. Exiting my 20s in style!

And went to Seek’s 2-year anniversary party, where Audra, Kelly, and I got BUFFED by Chef Josh.

And I modeled floral pants on Windy City Live for Refinery29.

And I met some very lovely, interesting, and smart co-models.

And while I was downtown, I decided to play tourist.

We threw a party and trunk show at Dovetail for the lovely Ashley Scott’s jewelry line, Drapes.

And I designed new windows for the month. The theme: Spring Break 2012 Suitcase Explosion!

And I went to La Condessa and drank Pina Coladas.

and watched my friends sing Mexican karaoke.

And Bladon gave us a sneak preview of his gorgeous new studio space.

And Kitty learned how to break into the cabinet and have himself a little snack.

April 1: Happy April

And so here it is again: April. I’m welcoming longer days, budding trees, and robins on my street. At this end of this month, I’ll also be welcoming the big 3-0 and golden birthday. What does one do for 30th golden birthday? Does it matter? I want to throw a ginormous party. I want to do so many things before I turn 30. Not in a bucket list kind of way but more as in a “here’s a deadline” kind of way. To make myself get out of my routine for a month and do interesting things.

If you recall, last year I imposed on myself a MONTH OF FUN, which I’m trying to do again though, it’s exhausting. Have you ever tried planning an activity for every day of the month? I did. And my apartment looked like something exploded in it at the end. One thing I learned during my MONTH OF FUN is that if you’re working all day and playing all night, there is very little time for cleaning. Or sleeping for that matter. Admittedly, I had to take a break last year. Four of them. But hey, 26 days of fun out of 30 ain’t bad, right?

So here I go again. My MONTH OF FUN begins and I will try my best to make it the most fun and to document things as I go. That’s become hard lately. I don’t at all care about taking photos. I’m trying to make myself do it though. I also don’t really care about blogging lately. I’m in a funk. This is why I’m really looking forward to going to NYC next week! It will be a much needed break from my life here in Chicago.

Anyway, this year’s MONTH OF FUN has been off to a great start. I celebrated my dear friend, Annie’s, birthday this morning with brunch at Green Zebra. Have you been there? The brunch is A-MA-ZING, vegetarian, and cheap! Everything was $10 or less. Green Zebra has a reputation for being so expensive. What’s up with that? This is my new go-to brunch. That is, of course, if I’m feeling too lazy for Lula, which is my #1 go to for every meal.

Later on in the evening, I met up with Marisol and Pablo, who just returned from Brazil TODAY (man oh man I missed them!) and we went to Hopleaf to celebrate our friend, Dylan’s, birthday! This is the only photo I snapped of his birthday dinner. Sorry, Dylan, but that giant tarantula hand of yours is hilarious!

And now I’m off to bed and dreading all the gazillion things I have to complete between now and my flight on Tuesday. Mentally, I’m already in NYC…walking around, catching up with good friends, shopping (of the window variety), and decompressing. You know you’re stressed and overworked when you go to NEW YORK to decompress!!!